Matt Fracht & the Contraband

Ronnie Spell

Lead Guitar

Like Matt, Ronnie hails from Sour Lake, Texas. Ronnie and Matt's shared love of good times and good music brought them together at a young age to play guitar, and consequently forged an enduring friendship. After discovering his passion for the guitar, Ronnie was never able to put it down and this aforementioned passion led him to further his musical pursuits into college and beyond. While earning his degree from McNeese State University in Louisiana, Ronnie studied commercial music, focusing on the guitar and piano. Ronnie's brilliant guitar picking and solos, in conjunction with his keen ear for music have made him famous throughout the South.

Look for Matt Fracht & the Contraband's album coming to stores soon

Matt Fracht & the Contraband are currently touring the country now. Come out to and see some fantastic live music before you can buy it in stores.