Matt Fracht & the Contraband

Matt Fracht

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Songwriter

Matt Fracht is from the small Texas town of Sour Lake. His small town upbringing and good ol' boy nature greatly influence his fantastic brand of Texas Country music. Matt began writing and singing his own songs in high school and continued to when he moved to College Station, TX to attend Texas A&M University. While at A&M, he continued to strive to improve his musical talent while earning a college degree. Consequently, Matt became a Northgate favorite playing at various bars and venues in College Station.

Matt's music is a highly refreshing tribute to true Texas country music, juxtaposed to the abundance of "pop country" so prevalent in this day and age. Behind every outstanding frontman is an incredible band. In accordance with this standard, Matt Fracht is supported by a diverse and versatile group of musicians known as The Contraband that wholly complete Fracht's dynamic sound.

Look for Matt Fracht & the Contraband's album coming to stores soon

Matt Fracht & the Contraband are currently touring the country now. Come out to and see some fantastic live music before you can buy it in stores.